Welcome to the website of the Belgian Working Group of Angiology !

We are a non profit association of clinicians and researchers aiming at the development of Angiology/Vascular Medicine in Belgium. Our Working Group gathers physicians working in university and non-university hospitals and coming from several specialties, such as vascular medicine and vascular surgery, cardiology, internal medicine, hematology (thrombosis-haemostasis)… Our purpose is to join forces to promote clinical training, collaboration, research, teaching and information in the field of arterial, venous and lymphatic diseases as well as microcirculatory disorders.

Currently our main activity is the organisation of our annual meeting but we also collaborate with other societies in Belgium (the Belgian Society of Thrombosis-Haemostasis, the Belgian Society of Geriatrics, the Belgian Society of Cardiology, the Thrombosis Guidelines Group…) and in Europe (the French Society of Vascular Medicine, the European Society of Vascular Medicine, VAS…).

Muriel Sprynger,

President of the BWGA

Upcoming meetings


- 21 st of April 2018, Brussels: " Management of the polyvascular patient"

- 25th of March 2017, Brussels: " Primary and secondary prevention in cardiovascular disease'

- 16th of April 2016, Brussels: " Controversions in Thrombosis"- Thrombosis Guidelines group

- 10- 12 May 2015, Berlin: "1st Annual Congres" - Society for Vascular Medicine  ( Programme  / Workshops-Programme overview)

- 25th of April 2015, Brussels :" NOAC's in real Life" - Thrombosis Guidelines Group